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It may be a while until you hear the new songs Hellbros are working on but you no longer have to wait for the title. The new album will be called, ‘Take the Animal’!

“We are really stoked on the new tunes for Take the Animal, every time we get together we come up with something even more mind-blowing and the hardest part is keeping them secret because you just want everyone to hear it.” -says Hellbros Guitarist Christian Jurt.

Hellbros are deep into pre-production of new material and plan on heading back into the studio in January 2017. Some songs already have titles too! You might be listening to some songs called, Feed It, Noble Intentions or the title track, Take the Animal. If you were able to catch a live Hellbros show recently in Canada or on their June Euro Tour you may have heard them crank out some of these tunes.

The New album will be Hellbros 3rd Full-Length and and 5th Studio album overall.

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